Free Stardollars.

Generate free and unlimited Stardollars on your account. Get all the items you couldn't afford before today! Have the best doll, with unique and rare items! The possibilities are endless.

Easy to use.

With a brand new and easy to use, simplified interface you can activate the hack and generate stardollars nearly instantly for free. You'll never have any difficulties!


You'll never be caught since we use several automated private proxies which protect you agaisn't any probability of being traced and found! As long as you don't abuse it!

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We'll always give you full support whenever you wish. Chat with us today by clicking on the live chat icon on the above right corner!

Privacy Policy

We will never release any information to the public such as: ip, location, source of any and every users that enter our website. We do not use any plugins to collect any extra information other than traffic income to better our promotion side. The software developped does not log any information from the downloader and always uses extra-security measures such as private proxies to make sure everything is secured and undetectable. Read the rest of the Privacy Policy by clicking on the button below.


What people say about the tool

  • Thank you so much for making this cheat tool! I never though I'd find anything like this, and I must say that I had been searching for a while now! But finally I found it, thansk!

    Barbara Wilner - SuperStar
  • A friend of mine showed me this stardollars cheat tool, I am so happy that she shared this with me, otherwise I wouldn't have everything I have now on StarDoll!

    Mathilde Mejneche - SuperStar

Stardoll Cheats - Instructions

  • Download the Stardoll Cheat Tool
  • Extract the ZIP file Downloaded.
  • Click on the StarDoll Cheat Tool
  • Login into your StarDoll account
  • Choose in which browser you're on.
  • Choose how many StarDollars you want.
  • Click "Active StarDoll Cheats".
Stardoll Cheats

StarDoll Cheats

Do you want to have unlimited and free Stardollars at Stardollar?

Awesome, you've come to the right place. At StarDollar Cheats .net you can easily download a unique and never released before software which allows you to have unlimited and FREE stardollars. Yes...It is free! It might be hard to believe at first that here at stardollar cheats you can have FREE stardollars but we can try to explain to you why this is true. How will we explain this to you? It's easy we'll tell you a little bit about how everything works. First thing you need to understand is that the whole process is very complex and difficult to explain in normal and generic words but here we go.

Try to keep up and google anything terms you might not know of. The Stardoll servers keep every amount of stardollars attached to each account, the stardollars is a variable and each account is assembled a determinated amount. What we do is, we access Stardoll through a gateway vulnerability and change this stardollars variable attached to your account on their servers making it a permanent change. You might be wondering if this can get you in any trouble, and we make sure you are 100% safe. How? We buy constantly new private proxies to keep you completely anonymous and safe, not only this but everything is assembled and processed through an offshore country private server that doesn't keep any logs or any information relative to yourself. This however has costs, the whole security of the StarDoll Cheats Software is really costly and to maintain everything working we must however only ask you to complete a short survey in return of the full free lifetime stardollars and updates! We are now studying a way to implement an update where you will be able to be a SuperStar for free just by simply clicking on a button. However we ran into some little problems which we are sorting out right now and that might take more time than we would like to, but everything will be sorted out as soon as possible and if possible we'll have the stardoll cheats software with the superstar functionality as well.

Having all of that said I believe you now know a lot more about what this website's about and the whole software. Not having only this said we'd also like to present you our team of developers!

xKittyLover - Website/software designer and promoter
toloveon - Software Programmer and security expert

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Cheryl Hamilton

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Cheryl Hamilton is a skilled programmer and manager with experience on the security and anti-malware functioning.

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